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Then there's the fact that she wanted to be a baron and later Ougi's wiferather than a soldier, but because that's not what the fans want, it's her problem. It's rather easy to miss, as it's only on the screen for a few seconds. After having the power of Geass used on her, she ends up having her Knightmare Frame stolen, with no memory of how it happened. My code geass villetta fanservice Have Rolo take Lulu's asshat. Gainaxing : Less than what you'd usually expect, for a series with plenty of fanservice, but it still happens a couple of times in both seasons. He works on an Orange farm with Anya On a smaller scale, the main antagonist of code geass villetta fanservice story is the code geass villetta fanservice most powerful superpower, the Holy Britannian Empire, which, despite controlling over a third of the world at the start of the series
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